The Good Shepherd Clinic Pillars Luncheon 2023

The Good Shepherd Clinic Pillars Luncheon 2023

We are excited to announce our annual “Pillars Luncheon” which will be held on the 14th of March 2023 at Clinical Operations, South Service Area, NP-C, FACHE. This fantastic event focuses on honoring five individuals across different areas including business, community services, medical, legal, and education.

Each recipient has made significant contributions to Clayton County and deserves to be celebrated for their ongoing efforts and the change that they have made throughout the community. Our 2023 awardees are:

  • Community Service Pillar:Former Jonesboro Mayor Joy Day
  • Business Pillar: Ben Casey/Past President LTI in Jonesboro
  • Education Pillar:  Martha Shaw/Spivey Hall Children’s Choir
  • LegalPillar: Clayton County District Attorney Tasha Mosley
  • Medical Pillar: Charisse Braxton, Kaiser Permanente – Sr. Director

The event brings together the community to enjoy delicious food, network, fundraise and recognize five amazing individuals. Here are some reasons why you should attend the luncheon in March:


Awards & Recognition

The five pillars will be recognized with an award and have the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with the audience at the luncheon. The awardees are also able to display their accomplishments in the community and their experiences and anecdotes related to their specialized profession.

This provides each individual with a fantastic chance to share their values and life experiences to inspire others to get involved and take an active role in the community.


Fundraise to Support Clayton County

The Pillars Luncheon is a great fundraising event for the clinic’s volunteers and services. The money raised supports the clinic in helping the uninsured Clayton County residents who might not otherwise have access to healthcare services.

Additionally, the money donated enables the clinic to broaden its scope of services and assist more people. It is because of the generosity and support of others that we can continue helping Clayton County community.


Get Together with Local Residents  

The Pillars Luncheon unites Clayton County’s community of supporters, including funders, volunteers, healthcare professionals, and community leaders. This enables the clinic to spread the word about the value of universal access to healthcare and the difference the clinic is making in the neighborhood.

Further, the luncheon provides our clinic with the chance to highlight how the community’s support is changing many lives. Due to The Good Shepherd Clinic operations being conducted by volunteers and donations being made by generous members of the community, events like this are vital to increasing understanding of what we do and how we help others. In turn, this allows for more people to get involved and it encourages donations and volunteers.


Enjoy Unique Table Decorations 

Every table at the luncheon is headed by a Table Captain who is in charge of creating unique tablescapes. Community members and attendees will have the opportunity to tour all of the tables prior to lunch and vote on their favorite designs. At the end of the luncheon, top winners will be presented with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes. 

The Pillars Luncheon is an important event to raise funds and increase awareness and support for The Good Shepherd Clinic. It brings together the community, recognizes individuals, and highlights the stories and experiences of the five honored individuals.

Join us on March 14 at our Pillars Luncheon to celebrate and thank the 2023 pillars for their hard work and dedication to supporting our clinic and Clayton County. You will also have the opportunity to meet and interact with people who work tirelessly to improve Clayton County and volunteer at our clinic.