Prescription Medications

Prescription medications have become a major part of medical care in the U.S. Nearly 3.4 billion prescriptions were filled in the U.S in 2005, with two out of three visits to the doctor resulting in a prescription being written. However, these prescriptions can often be expensive leaving many people with low incomes unable to afford them. This resulted in many who were sick, being left with feelings of uncertainty and were unlikely to be able to purchase the medications that were prescribed to them.

Pharmaceutical Prescription Assistance Programs

At The Good Shepherd Clinic, we assist eligible patients in getting free or low-cost medications through enrolment in pharmaceutical prescription assistance programs. Use of local pharmacies’ free and low-cost medication lists are used whenever possible to achieve our goal of allowing the uninsured residents of Clayton County to get the medical assistance they need. Sample prescriptions are also offered to those eligible to prevent a patient from purchasing a prescription that may not work for them and wasting their money.

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