The Beginning of The Good Shepherd Clinic

Over 20 years ago, Dr. Thomas Kelley and Rev. Jimmy Lewis came together with a vision that all Clayton County residents should have access to quality medical care without having to worry if they could afford it. On September 16th, 2000, Dr. Kelley provided medical care to the first patient, highlighting the beginning of Good Shepherd Clinic, the faith-based non-profit organization. The Clinic was open every Monday and throughout the first year, we had a total of 463 established patients, 102 volunteers and 1239 total volunteer hours.

The Future of Good Shepherd

In January 2019, the Board of Directors approved a 5-year strategic plan to double patient capacity by 2023. The need for The Good Shepherd Clinic’s services is ever-growing, and it is our intention to offer additional access to help bridge the healthcare gap to some of the most underserved in our community.

The Good Shepherd Clinic History

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