The Increasing Demand
for Primary Healthcare

With healthcare prices continuing to rise in the U.S, an estimated 112 million, 44% of American adults are struggling to pay for healthcare. Due to the extremity of healthcare costs, individuals are often not able to receive any medical attention at all. For others, many have to take less medication than they are prescribed or directed to take so that the medication will last longer. Approximately 46 million Americans believe that if they were to have a medical emergency today, they would be unable to afford quality healthcare. This leaves millions of people vulnerable and without the opportunity to receive the adequate medical attention that they require and deserve.

Free Primary Healthcare for Uninsured Residents

We believe that everyone deserves the right to adequate healthcare regardless of their financial situation. The Good Shepherd Clinic’s mission is to provide free primary healthcare to uninsured residents of Clayton County that have medical issues that would otherwise go untreated as they do not have the financial means to get the care they need.

Doctor Consultation

Doctors consultation

No individual should be held back from seeking assistance from healthcare professionals, regardless of their financial means. At The Good Shepherd Clinic, we allow those eligible to meet with our professionals, and schedule appointments to seek medical assistance. Doctors provide our patients with expert advice, working to improve their health and wellbeing.



Vaccinations are a simple and effective way of protecting our community from harmful diseases. At The Good Shepherd Clinic, we ensure vulnerable members of our community are given access to vaccinations, against illnesses including influenza and COVID-19. Ensuring easy access to vaccinations protects our livelihood, and ensures we are not compromising the safety of our community.



When things go wrong, ensuring the financially vulnerable have access to medical assistance is vital. Informing those eligible for our services of the accessibility to assist ensures that medical problems do not get left untreated. We serve as a healthcare home for those who require assistance, regardless of their financial status.

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