What are Laboratory Services?

Clinical Laboratories are a facility that provides a wide range of services that involves diagnosing, treating and managing patients. These laboratories can test for results relating to clinical chemistry, clinical microbiology, hematology, blood banking and serology, clinical microscopy, molecular biology and more. At The Good Shepherd Clinic, we have an on-site laboratory that offers lab testing free of cost to eligible patients. Our laboratory is also used to give flu and COVID-19 vaccinations to the community free of charge.

Benefits of Laboratory Services

Laboratory services are a vital tool to help your doctor make the right diagnosis. Laboratory tests also help determine whether you have sufficient nutrients to fuel your body, also quantifying the health of your blood. With our laboratory services, you can determine other fluids that can assist in keep your body staying healthy. Lab testing is one of the primary diagnostic tools used to identify the cause of a patient’s medical issue.

Common Testing In-house Services

  • Rapid strep testing: Determines if you have strep throat within a few minutes.
  • Rapid flu testing: Determines if you are suffering from the flu.
  • Glucose testing: Determines your blood sugar level.
  • Pregnancy testing: Determines if you are pregnant.
  • Other lab testings: Urinalysis, mono testing, urine drug testing and faecal occult blood testing.

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