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Our Team

Dr. Brad Lipman - Volunteer Medical Director

Dr. Lipman joined Good Shepherd Clinic's team in 2016 after meeting the clinic's former medical director, Dr. Charles Johnson. When Johnson retired, Dr. Lipman graciously took over as the clinic's medical director. He is a cardiology specialist, and has recently retired from Piedmont Hospital after practicing medicine 35+ years.

Dr. Tulasi Vanapalli - Volunteer Medical Director

Dr. Vanapalli specializes in internal medicine and has been in practice for over 50 years. She is very active in our community, and has volunteered her services at the clinic for almost a decade. She currently acts as the clinic's co-medical director. She even teaches the clinic's free yoga classes!

Linda F. Lebon, FNP-BC (on the left)

Linda is one of the clinic's two nurse practitioners. She joined the staff several years ago and has been a great asset to our program. Linda not only provides medical care, but also heads up our health education classes. Her enthusiasm and passion for teaching is admirable.

Jami Parker, FNP-PC (on the right)

Jami is one of the clinic's nurse practitioners, and has been with us for almost 3 years. She has worked in the medical field as a registered nurse since 1971, and  graduated from Emory University in 1997 with her masters of nursing degree. She is skilled in primary care and education of adult patients, not limited to Chronic Diseases: Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Weight Loss & Management, Renal Insufficiency, and Mood Disorders. She as been a wonderful addition to our team.

Chelsea Folds, Executive Director

Chelsea has been on staff at Good Shepherd Clinic for 10+ years. She began working for the clinic while she was still pursuing her undergraduate degree from Mercer University, and in 2011 she felt led attain her Masters degree in Organizational Leadership, with a concentration in Nonprofit Management. In 2013 she was named as a recipient of the Georgia Center for Nonprofits'  Young Nonprofit Professionals: 30 Under 30 Award.  She has held a variety of positions at the clinic, and in 2015 she was named the organization's first ever Executive Director.

Lisa Page, Clinic Administrator

Lisa Page has been with the organization for over 10 years. After a long career in business, she decided to go back to school and attained her Bachelors of Health Administration from Clayton State University. During this time she began volunteering at Good Shepherd, and was eventually asked by the board of directors to take on the role of Clinic Administrator. She heroically took on that challenge while also battling breast cancer. Lisa is now a cancer survivor and has been an true inspiration to her colleagues and to the clinic patients.

Dr. Charles G. Johnson, Medical Director Emeritus

Dr. Johnson held the role of Good Shepherd Clinic's volunteer medical director for over 10 years. He took on this position after retiring (for the first time) from his own local private practice of over 50 years. Dr. Johnson was the heart and soul of the clinic during his tenure, and his compassion and care for his patients was notorious. At 90 years of age Dr. J decided to hang up his stethoscope for the second time. He is still beloved by all--patients, volunteers, and staff alike-- and has set an excellent example in our community for how to live a selfless, servant's life.